Motivation: To be awake just long enough to enjoy the frivolous pleasures of the world
Intimacies: Silver Pact (Dutiful Responsibility), Astra (Trusting Friendship), Becoming a Dragon (Whimsical Desire), Yarn Ball Sanctuary (Covet)
Home is where you lay your head, you carry it in your heart or a messenger bag (Conviction)
Good things come to he who waits, better things come to he who sleeps (Temperance)
Traveling through Creation on the ley lines of Gaia is as lovely as wondering through a beautiful dream (Conviction)
The world is always in danger, every now and then you have to take a little time for fun (Compassion)

Virtues: Compassion 3, Conviction 3, Temperance 2, Valor 2
Essence: 2 – Willpower: 5
Motes: 45


A small spirit of the Silver Pact, Anioki is a messenger spirit that ferries communication between members of the Silver Pact. Anioki has a Sanctuary inside a small ball of yarn that can be carried from place to place. Because he’s a lesser spirit, Anioki is constantly sleeping to conserve Essence and is oblivious to the world around him making him an ideal companion for Lunars seeking to keep in touch with the Silver Pact. To awaken Anioki from his slumber in his Sanctuary, the Lunar need only unwind one end of his yarn ball and toss it to the ground. Anioki springs to life playing with the ball of yarn to wake himself up then is ready to resume his celestial duties.


Anioki loves to sleep and is usually very groggy for most of his waking time, although he’s an expert at memorizing messages to be delivered. As an official messenger spirit of the Silver Pact, Anioki has access to the Silver Spirit Network and can quickly traverse vast distances to deliver messages to all known members of the Silver Pact. Dutiful and faithful in his work, Anioki loves sleep more than anything else and only wakes when his current companion needs to speak with him. This makes Anioki an ideal traveling partner because he neither cares nor stays awake for most of the day-to-day of the Lunar’s often secretive lifestyle.



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