Anna Xylin



Motivation: To become the greatest Dragon-Blooded Sorcerer that’s ever lived
Urge: To obey the keeper of the orb and instill order in all things
Intimacies: She Who Lives (Servitude), Infernal Pact (Regret), Sorcerous Workings (Covet)
I didn’t give up my freedom to let people walk all over me, wrong me and I’ll have my revenge (Valor)
So many people take advantage of my situation, I have to remember to recognize those that don’t (Compassion)
I would give anything to be the master of my own destiny again (Conviction)
Under no circumstances can I be the owner of my own orb (Temperance) – Magically Protected Intimacy


Initially encountered disguised as a “normal” Dragon-Blooded working for the Doctor, Astra quickly realized that there was more to Anna than meets the eye. She commanded powerful sorcery and Rowen was able to determine that she served the holder of the Chaos Orb, believed to be an Artifact hand-crafted by She Who Lives in Her Name and given to the one that bargains with her for control over Anna. Possession of the Orb, however, is not a given privileged. Astra quickly discovered this upon stealing the Orb from Udelph and only moments later found Anna standing over his screaming, melting corpse. Currently Anna is using her powerful magics to replace the Councilmen and oversee Rowen’s latest Nexus project before she can begin to transition her former master’s position to someone new.



Virtues: Compassion 2, Conviction 4, Temperance 2, Valor 4
Essence: 4

Anna Xylin

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