Astra - The Jeweled Fang of the East

“There are things you cannot change—learn to accept and embrace those things, for they are the will of Gaia.”


Astra (from lat. astrum, “a star” [poetic]; out of gr. ἄστρον, ástron, “star”; ) can refer to:
• Per aspera ad astra, a Latin phrase meaning “through hardships to the stars”

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• Astra was the sole child and heir to an Eastern Chieftan. Her mother died of a plague that raged in the barbarian tribes shortly after giving birth to Astra; Astra was a hearty baby and although sick herself she survived. The Chieftan, Dux (Do-ex), was a powerful warlord and united many neighboring barbarian tribes under one banner. Chieftan Dux trained his warriors himself and the several tribes were actually very successful in repelling the abominations of the Wyld from their area on the outskirts of Creation. Astra, being Dux only child, trained with the warriors and became a competent meleeist and martial artist. Dux would even allow Astra to fight with the other warriors when they engaged in battles and often spent nights by the fireside instructing her on war-play and tactics. Astra grew up to see her father as a fair and just ruler; and a beloved mentor.

• Being the heir to the tribes, which united under one banner and called themselves The Eastern Fang, Astra had many prospects for marriage. She was regarded as both deadly in combat and beautiful. Her renown caused many skirmishes between young men, but Dux always looked to Astra for her opinion. Dux refused to even entertain the idea of an arranged marriage and even told several elders that his daughter needed no man she didn’t deem worthy of her company. The elders, having great respect for Dux, never pushed the issue.

• At 19 Astra was skilled enough in battle to assist Dux in leading the troops. They engaged in pincer manuevers and advanced tactics…and were an almost unstoppable team, but a Fey incursion took all their skill and effort, the battle lasting well into the night…and Dux was mortally wounded by a Catafrac. Astra rushed to her father’s side to defend him and on the battlefield met the Fey. She was outmatched in every way, but rallied her troops and launched an attack that pressed the Fey to retreat back into the Wyld. Once the Fey had fled she carried her father home, but Dux died from his wounds and Astra inherited the Chiefton title.

• Several weeks after Dux’s death the elders, fearing for their tribes’ futures without the prospect of another heir, began to push Astra towards marriage. She declined their insistentances and refused to take a husband. The elders of the villages convened and decreed that if she refused to marry she must take suitable mates to produce heirs. Astra again refused and the elders began to politically maneuver tribesman behind their cause. A particularly nasty scheme manifested from one of her shirked suitors. He approached a few elders and manipulated them…getting them to agree that the only way to produce an heir would be to drug Astra and have them copulate. The few elders that had sided with the plan put it into into motion and during an evening meal Astra was poisoned. Feeling ill she retired to her shack where the shirked suitor, Falton (fall-ton), followed her. Even severely drugged she was a commendable opponent and was able to fight Falton off. Astra, feeling the drugs take further hold of her with the adrenaline of combat, went outside to seek help; but the elders ambushed her and held her down for Falton.

• Before Falton was able to hurt her a pure white wolf stalked up to them and shifted into the shape of a beautiful woman. The elders and Falton were in awe of her beauty and were distracted from their actions. Astra quickly scrambled away before beginning to lose consciousness. The woman approached Astra and touched her cheek; all traces of the poison fled Astra’s body and she felt both rested and calm in her presence. “You have an inner strength that surpasses that of mortals, and your heart is cold and stone to them, for you were made for another. Will you accept my gift, and with it, my choice of mates.” Astra, feeling a deep sense of trust for the woman, nodded a single time and in the blink of an eye the woman was gone and in her place a glowing white orb. The orb, phasing and twisting in shape like the changing moon, engulfed Astra and she was reborn.

• Leaving behind the Eastern Fang Astra became a Warden of Gaia, traveling with the Wardens to assist the edges of Creation in driving back the Wyld. In part Astra did want to serve creation, but siding with the Wardens also gave her the chance to travel—and in doing so she increased her chances of meeting her mate. She served the Wardens for several years (until she was 22), but when the group she was with decided letting several villages be plundered and burned by raiders was “part of the natural order” she realized their beliefs were no longer in the best interest of Creation and she set out on her own, saving the villages.

• Astra became somewhat of a local legend to the far Eastern villages and there’s a select area where she is regarded as a hero, food and shelter—along with gifts, are plentiful in this area. The locals even gifted her two neighboring Manses for her home. In her absence the town happily upkeeps the rustic, but beautiful manor—and Astra usually returns to polished floors, warm pies and fresh flowers on the table.

• The villagers in the area gave her the moniker “The Jeweled Fang of the East”—in part to also symbolize her dominance in the Eastern Fang by those still loyal. Her loyalists often still call her Chiefton when they encounter her and and talk of her heroics and fierce protection of them with reverence. Simply just rumors of the Lunar, and her prowess, have often protected the outlying villages from plunder and they have since grown larger and more prosperous as a result.

• After seeing the destruction in the small villages by the raiders Astra has little to no mercy on those who prey upon the weak, she believes it is the obligation of the strong to lift those weaker than then up; that said, the weak or passive must be willing to contribute and learn—she has as much tolerance for lazy good-for-nothings as she does for the cruel.

• After leaving the Wardens of Gaia Astra struck out on her own to uphold the values she believes in.

• If encountering other Wardens Astra is a bit leery until she discovers their own motivations. She regards other Lunar factions with some trepidation—although she is much more at ease with the Seneschals of the Sun Kings and the Swords of Luna, and finds their beliefs often mimic her own.

• Astra believes that the rebirths of the Solars is a sign that creation is ready for a new era…she believes that all life and Creation are a cycle, and that the peak is the Sun touched glory of the first age, while the darkest hours of Creation are Luna’s domain—meant to teach Creation survival and resilience so they can appreciate the age of enlightenment the Solar’s always bring forth.

• The return of the Solars excites Astra and she believes that Creation needs to embrace their return, denying the Lawgivers their rightful place is denying the very cycle of Creation…refuting Gaia’s perfect design.

• She believes the Dragon Blooded, their refusal to give up power and the blaspheme of the Wyld Hunt, goes directly against Gaia’s design and has no place in the new era of Creation.

• Astra was able to feel when her Solar reincarnated and, although she has not actively began tracking him or her, has made it a point to give Fate and Gaia every opportunity to reunite them. As a result, Astra has traveled to almost every corner of Creation. Although she is well traveled Astra did prefer to stay on the “outskirts” not drawing much attention and not interacting much, but still immersing herself within new cultures and being observant enough that she wouldn’t miss her Solar companion.

• While on her travels Astra enjoyed blending into different societies and learning about new cultures. She often ventured into strange and new cities simply to say she’d been; and also to provide Fate any and every chance to reunite her with her Solar.

• Many of her human forms have been acquired while she’s been traveling aboard; and Astra truly enjoys the Hunt and has found a variety of animals in her vast travels.

• Astra believes in the conservation of life, if at all possible, and thus has learned to take human forms without killing her prey. The exception to this was a very persistent Wood Aspect who continued to pursue Astra—their final confrontation led Astra to take the Wood Aspect’s life.

• While on one of her Hunts Astra encountered a particularly clever Great Terror, the Hunt lasted for a full 24 hours and when Astra had the beast cornered his natural beauty and tenacity struck a cord with her heart. She asked him to travel with her and she and the Great Terror have been friends since.

• In her many travels Astra has encountered several Solar exalted. Their kindness towards her has only further engrained her belief that the Lawgivers place is to rule Creation.



• very steadfast and resolved, once she makes her mind up about something it’s very hard to convince her of something different
• is compassionate, but with the stipulation that those in need must also be willing to help themselves (no tolerance for the lazy)
• no tolerance for those that prey upon the weak
• loves experiencing new things and will often seek out new people, places or adventure
• is truly happy when she’s of service to creation or the people of creation in some manner
• believes in cycles and therefore even the darkest of times won’t affect her mood too negatively: “True, things might be bad now, but Gaia always has a design, wait and it will come full circle.”
• is excited about this era in Creation’s history and believes the coming decades will shape a new golden age
• enjoys the simple things in life: hearty meal, pleasant conversation, warm bed by a fireside, etc.
• humble
• serious when she needs to be, but also loves being happy and joking around


Steward the Solars into the next great era for Creation.
“Should the Sun need aid, it has but to call, and the Moon will answer.”


Rowan (loving devotion) solar bond protected
“I’ve waited my existence for you…and you were everything I’d hoped for.”
The Hunt (excitement and enjoyment)
“Nothing beats the thrill of a good Hunt, the more difficult the prey the better.”
Flying (giddy enjoyment)
“The feel of the wind whipping between my feathers, pulling my down tight against my body…it’s an embrace from Gaia herself.”
The Wyld Hunt (angry trepidation)
“They’re violating Gaia’s design and I won’t stand for it.”
Exploring new areas and experiencing new things.
“The Lunar’s mercurial nature is only sated by exhaustive travel and adventure.”
Taggart (friendly mentorship)
“The Wyle Hunt corrupted you, but Luna gave you a second chance; and I’ll help you make the most of it.”
Baku (friendly companionship)
“You gave me the most thrilling hunt of my life and now it is my honor to have you hunt by my side.”
Other’s Stewardships (respectful reverence)
“The heart wants what the heart wants; it is not right to condemn or hinder someone’s pursuit of it.”

Astra - The Jeweled Fang of the East

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