Mnemon Vero



Motivation: To endure the storms of this time as the mountain endures the rain
Intimacies: House Mnemon (-1/4) (Gratitude), Mnemon Cael (Mentor), Martial Arts (Dutiful Study)
The difference between a mountain of stone and a mountain of Jade is the Celestial Exalted (Temperance)
The enemies of Creation are ours to face, the people rely on us to protect them from the demons of their nightmares (Valor)


Breeding 4, Resources 3
Artifact (2) – Jade Goremaul – Spd 4 / Acc +1 / Dam +11B/2 / Def +0 / Att 5
Artifact (2) – Jade Reinforced Breastplate – Soak +9B/+10L / Hardness 8B/8L / Mob -1 / Fat 0 / Att 4


Compassion 4, Conviction 4, Temperance 4, Valor 4
Essence: 3 – Willpower: 7
Personal: 14 – Peripheral: 36


Proud Scion of House Mnemon and capable Marital Artist, Vero was recently dispatched via the Wyld Hunt into the threshold with his Brotherhood to assess the aftermath of the Realm’s incursion with the Bull of the North. Although most of his brotherhood was formed during his time in secondary school, Vero grew into a temperate adult while his Brotherhood remained the wild, overly enthusiastic youths he’d grown up with. Until recently, Vero was regarded by many as the only one of his Brotherhood to be taken seriously and his reputation was starting to suffer as a result. Despite numerous attempts to speak with them, the two others always waved off his claims insisting that they were Princes of the Earth and could do as they please. Having felt a prisoner in his own Brotherhood for most of his life, he knew he faced the ultimate dishonor when his brotherhood was slain in Nexus at the hand of Anathema. Realizing he couldn’t go back to the Realm (doing so would be the end of his career), he sullenly accepted Astra’s offer for surrender and now travels in tow with her entourage.


Mnemon Vero

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