Motivation: To restore and enhance the great machine that is Creation
Intimacies: Realm (Weary Distrust), Dragon-Blooded (Torn Misguidance), Astra (Love), Essence Manipulation (Awe)
No man has the right to enslave another man and I will not stand for it (Conviction).
I’ve felt so much pain that I can’t bring myself to instill my will, by force or words, on another to suffer what I have endured (Compassion).
My pacifism will not prevent me from lifting my blade to protect my loved ones nor give me course to halt their actions (Valor).
The only thing that can tear me away from my work is my lunar mate (Conviction).


A promising mortal thaumaturge in the Realm, Rowen accelerated in the study of essence flows and manipulations despite his inability to wield it for himself. After graduating with high honors from secondary school (but still having not Exalted), he joined a small division of the Realm’s infrastructure division and was assigned to study the geomancy of Mount Meru in hopes of repairing the Imperial Manse. While examining the manse, he had a breakthrough on how to bring the manse back up to power which caused his Exaltation… as a Solar. Before he could even get his bearings, the Wyld Hunt had him shackled in powerful essence dampening Artifacts. The next decade Rowen remained a slave depleted of his own will and subjugated to the whim of his masters. He learned powerful melee Charms to hunt down the enemies of the Hunt and put a great many Celestial Exalted to the sword. Perhaps the only silver lining to his time in captivity was that he became monstrously powerful and, due to his depleted willpower, he was unable to access his powerful crafting magic and unable to do much more than routine Artifact maintenance for the Realm.



Silver Linings GMJJ