Nexus Manses

City Health Manse

Aspect: Wood (4)
Powers: Life-Sustaining (2), Subtle Breath of of Sextes Jylis (1), Network Node (1), Extended Zone of Influence (3), Well-Favored Aspect (1)
Hearthstone: Song of Life Stone

City Defense Manse

Aspect: Earth (4)
Powers: Network Node (1), Zone of Influence (3), Essence Shield (4)
Hearthstone: Stone of Temperance

City Central Control Manse

Aspect: Water (4)
Powers: Zone of Influence (4), Network Node (1), Analytic Senses (2), Eyeless Sight of Daana’d (1)
Hearthstones</b: Gemstone of Solid Water

Nexus Manses

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