Iselsi Taggart



Motivation: To become strong enough to protect myself from my former family
Intimacies: Astra (Mentor), Spirit Shapes (Cultivating Desire), Flying (Joy)
No matter what we become, a Dynast will always have his pride (Valor).
I will take back the blood I bled for the Realm a hundred fold (Valor).
The people I can trust are as valuable as they are rare (Temperance).
My failure in the fleet will forever haunt me but I must endure (Conviction).
Whether I like it or not, I’m at my best while at my Solar’s side (Temperance).

Virtues: Compassion 2, Conviction 4, Temperance 3, Valor 5

Deadly Beastman Mutations
Claws (1), Fangs (1), Fur (1), Cheetah’s Pace (4), Tail (1)
+2 Athletics for balance, lethal with claws/fangs, +1B/L soak, +1 Survival, +6 dex/str for movement, +3 competitive running, quadruped


East: Great Roc, Raptor Cat, Flying Serpent, Burrow Lok, Warhawk,
North: Arctic Demitaur, Great-Terror, Horned Snow Hunter, Ice Weasel, Snow Lion, Yet, Great Eagle


Iselsi Taggart

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