Three Fanged Viper



Motivation: To find redemption outside the constructs of the Exalted paradigms
Intimacies: Upholding Laws (Belief), Slavers (Distaste), Astra (Gratitude), White Dove Maiden’s Memory (Honor)
My mind, body, essence, and spirit must always remain in harmony to combat this darkness within me (Temperance)
Many have personally wronged me and they’ll all pay dearly for the pain they’ve caused (Valor)
If death itself cannot break me then nothing can (Conviction)
Claws may take lives but words can utterly ruin them (Temperance)


Former slave turned pit fighter, Viper was bound by oaths before his Exaltation. Up until he was plucked from slavery by Astra, he made his owner very rich with his absolute reign as a pit fighter and the undefeated champion of Nexus. Little else i known about the elusive Abyssal except that he exhibits traits strikingly uncommon to a creation-ending weapon most Abyssals are chosen to become.


Three Fanged Viper

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