Astra Gear List


Jewel of the Graceful Courtier, Manse ••
+1 success to all social rolls
set in Jeweled Collar

Stone of Quick Thought, Manse •
+1 die to all Wits rolls
set in Hearthstone Bracers

This brilliant-red, faceted square glows as brightly as a candle. Any Exalted bearing it is as swift as a beam of sunlight. A character attuned to the hearthstone halves (round up) the number of ticks all actions require, without causing any penalties and may divide her dice pools normally to gain additional actions. In addition, these increased speed also applies out of combat, allowing the character to walk, run or sprint twice as fast as normal. The only limitations on using this hearthstone are that sorcery still takes the normal time to cast, and that using these additional actions makes the character appear inhumanly fast. Anyone seeing the character move or react this rapidly will know she is not human. The additional action gained from using this hearthstone is incompatible with all Extra Actions Charms. The character can use one or the other, never both.
set in Jeweled Collar

Jewel of Lawgiver’s Authority, Manse ••
Reduces difficulty to sway beliefs/opinions of others by 2

Memorial Iron, Manse •
Recover one additional Willpower per day
set in Jeweled Collar

Hardened Spirit Gemstone, Manse •
+1 die to conviction rolls if character possesses Willpower of 6 or higher and a Conviction of 3 or higher
set in Jeweled Collar

Gem of Holiness, Manse •
+1 Charisma/manipulation to gain trust or convince of honesty
set in Hearthstone Amulet

Gem of Adamant Skin, Manse ••••
This hearthstone is a glittering, flawless black ovoid. The character who bears it is difficult to cut, and her bones are virtually unbreakable. Lethal damage done to her is automatically converted to bashing before soak is applied. Bashing damage may still convert to lethal due to excess damage, as normal. This hearthstone has no effect on aggravated damage.
set in Jeweled Collar


Hearthstone bracers require the commitment of four motes of Essence to activate them—two motes for each bracer. A bracer must be worn with its mate and will not activate unless worn as a pair. Regardless of construction, hearthstone bracers provide a three-die bonus to dodge attempts made by an attuned user.
Moonsilver: Almost liquid or organic in appearance, moonsilver bracers lend a Lunar wearer the bracers’ own somewhat protean nature. The character’s lethal soak increases by two as her body adapts to flow around attacks.

Each hearthstone amulet contains a setting for a single hearthstone. A character wearing such an amulet against her skin gains the basic benefits of a hearthstone—that is, the ability to regain Essence more quickly. However, a character can commit one mote of Essence to the amulet, and doing so causes the amulet to resonate and activates the hearthstone. If the character removes the amulet, the benefit dissipates. Hearthstone amulets are made in each of the five magical materials:
Moonsilver: Simple teardrop shaped pendant, attune to amulet set with hearthstone regains one additional mote of Essence per hour.

Jeweled Collar (ARTIFACT ••)
• Has 5 hearthstone slots
• Keeps wearer clean in every respect, negates all penalties to social rolls that would be applied due to character being dirty or unkempt, attuning to the collar extends its powers beyond the Exalt’s clothing to her physical body, add two dice to (stamina + resistance) rolls made against disease or poison
• Costs one mote to attune

Mundane Gear

  • broken strapped messenger bag
  • 1 change of clothes
  • flint and steel
  • traveler’s tools
  • rainproof blanket roll

Astra Gear List

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