Solar Bond Benefits

Solar Bond •••••

The Lunar gains a number of points equal to twice their bond rating with which to build their Solar Bond. In true reverence for the Argent Madonna, no two Lunars feelings manifest the same way with their Solar but their feelings remain eternal. Each benefit may only be purchased once unless the benefit explicitly states otherwise. For purposes of the term “in defense of their Solar mate,” this includes the Lunar defending their mate against physical and social harm targeting the Solar (either directly or indirectly) or any Intimacy the Solar possesses that is known to the Lunar. As always, the Storyteller is the final arbiter on what events apply.

Universal Benefits
All Lunars that feel the bond to their Solar gain limited benefits, regardless of how insignificant or potent the connection to their Lawgiver. When a Solar reincarnates or dies, their Lunar mate becomes instantly aware of this fact. This effect does not provide any additional information other than the Solar now walks or has left Creation. Finally, the Lunar gains the benefit of a pool of dice equal to twice their Solar Bond rating which can be used in defense of their Solar mate. This pool refreshes at the end of each story.

Specific Benefits
Unwavering Argent Conviction (1 pt) – The Lunar obtains an intimacy toward their Solar of their choosing which is magically reinforced. Any attempt to erode or make the Lunar betray this intimacy is treated as an unacceptable order.

Shared Strength Touch (1 pt) – Provided they can touch one another, the Lunar transfer a number of motes equal to (Solar Bond x 3) as a miscellaneous speed 4 action.

Shared Devotion Touch (1 pt) – Provided they can touch one another, the Lunar may transfer any number of willpower as a miscellaneous speed 4 action.

Silver Servant Mastery (2 pts) – The Lunar adds 1 success to all actions in defense of their Solar mate. This attribute may be purchased multiple times, to a maximum of (Solar Bond / 2 [rounded down]) purchases and count towards maximum successes granted from Charms, such as the Second Excellency.

Sun Finds The Moon (2 pts) – Should the Lunar fall to some form of unnatural mental influence, the influence becomes Obvious to their Solar mate.

Like Mind Thoughts (3 pts) – The Lunar and Solar may communicate telepathically with one another provided they are within (Solar Bond x 100) yards of each other. Like Mind Thoughts does not allow the Solar or Lunar to use mental influence against one another.

Weary Minds Anchor (4 pts) – Provided the Lunar spends at least an hour interacting with their Solar mate, any mental influences or derangements the Solar is suffering from (excluding the Great Curse) become Obvious to the Lunars senses. The Lunar may then pay a number of motes equal to twice their Solar mate’s Essence to instantly remove the derangement. This effect may be resisted for 0 willpower if the Lawgiver so chooses.

Solar Bond Benefits

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