Second Wakings


Population: 1,500 Human, 500 Exotic (Wyld Beasts, etc) – 67% Female
Government: Oligarchy
Location: Northern Middlemarches

Manse Structure

Central Control
Aspect: Earth (5)
Hearthstones: Iron Soul Stone (5)
Powers: Sentient (5), Pasiap’s Buried Whipsers (1), Extended Zone of Influence (4), Network Node (1), Gate of Auspicious Passage (5), Analytic Senses (3), Modern Conveniences (1)
Description: The cities central control built with its own intelligence system, its sensory range spans out to 5 miles. The manse also contains an advanced sensory system with adaptable senses. Further, the manse is a part of the cities manse network system and also contains a Gate of Auspicious Passage. Lastly, the manse has five modern conveniences.

City Defense System
Aspect: Fire (5)
Hearthstones: The Sentinel’s Stone (2), Gem of the Burning House (3)
Powers: Extended Zone of Influence (4), Essence Shield (4), Guardian Force (4), Ultra-Deadly Perimeter Defenses (4), Network Node (1), Temple Manse (3)
Description: This manse boasts a powerful defense system and is linked to the city manse structure. It contains numerous deadly traps, a Magnitude 5 Second Circle Demon equivalent Drill 5 defense force, essence shielding with 50B/50L Hardness, and an essence line system that prevents True Fair Folk from respiring Essence in the city. The range of the manses influence can span up to 5 miles.

CIty Mobility System
Aspect: Air (5)
Hearthstones: Gemstone of Spoken Language (3), Stone of First Impressions (2)
Powers: Extended Zone of Influence (4), Mobile (4), Floating (2), Mela’s Sweet Whisper (1), Network Node (1), Indestructible (5), Well-Favored Aspect (1), Traveling (1), Modern Conveniences (1)
Description: Prior to the creation of this manse, Second Wakings relied on the natural flow of the middle marches to determine their destination. This manse allows them to maneuver the city at roughly 30/60 mph (-1S, Lore 5). This manse is also well fortified against attacks with both enhanced soak and health levels, in addition to hazards of anyone trying to sabotage the support system. As part of the city network, the manse also has the ability to send messages throughout the entire city for authorized users.

City Provider Manse
Aspect: Wood (5)
Hearthstones: Stone of the Sure Path (3), Survival Stone (2)
Powers: Extended Zone of Influence (4), Network Node (1), Life-Sustaining (2), Provider (2), Subtle Breath of Sextes Jylis (1), Wyld Revocation (5)
Description: The heart of this city, this manse is a part of the city manse network and provides for all of the cities needs which include: food, water, and enhanced healing and health capabilities. Additionally this manse can create any climate for the city and manipulates the surrounding geomancy allowing the city’s citizens to shape in the city as though they were in pure chaos.

Second Wakings

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